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Samuel Taylor of Moston (references between 1653-1812)

References relating to various Samuel Taylors of Moston.

1703 Marriage of Samuel Taylor & Sarah Gill

23 December 1703 (Manchester Catherdral)
Samuell Taylor hujus [of this] & Sarah Gill of ye Parish of Stockport & Certificate, banns[?] & certificate

1706 Dob Lane Chapel, Failsworth -Trust Deed

Lancashire Nonconformity
by Rev. B. Nightingale, 1893

1711 University of Manchester Library CLD/832

Indenture of covenants between Thomas Rhodes of Moston, yeoman, and Samuel Taylor of the same, yeoman, for levying a fine of two third parts of a messuage, a barn and land in Moston. March 4, 1711/12.

1714 Oldham Local Studies & Archives D-ABB/7

Quitclaim (1) James Taylor of Moston, 'lynnen-weaver'; to (2) Samuel Taylor brother of James Taylor.  Annuity of 50s as specified in will of Samuel Scholefield uncle of James Taylor.
Date: 15 Nov 1714

1715 Samuel Taylor of Moston - Riot Repairs

Lancashire Nonconformity
by Rev. B. Nightingale, 1893

The following relates to Dob Lane Chapel in Failsworth.  Aged 62 in 1715 would give a birth date of about 1653. 

1715 Samuel Taylor Signature

Below is the signature of Samuel Taylor on the inventory attached to the will of John Hardman of Ainsworth in 1715.  He is also mentioned in various other wills of people from Ainsworth: John Hardman (1715), Thomas Tongue (1720), Susan Hardman (1729), Mary Tonge (1729), John Tong (1734).

Signature of Samuel Taylor in 1715
1715 "Viewed & Appraized By Samll. Taylor & Ralph Smith"

1723 Samuel Taylor of Moston's Patent

Reference index of patents of invention
from 1617 to 1852
by B. Woodcroft

The Diary of Samuel Taylor of Moston, Threadmaker and Inventor (1722 - 1723)

Transactions of the Newcomen Society
Volume 15, 1934 - Issue 1 - A. A. Gomme, Pages 209-224
Patent Practice in the 18th Century
The Diary of Samuel Taylor, Threadmaker and Inventor, 1722-1723

PDF copy of this article bought and downloaded, extract as follows from page 272:
The original diary is in the possession of the direct descendant of the diarist, the Rev. Samuel Taylor, M.A. Cantab of Fallowfield Rectory, Manchester*. and the writer in greatly indebted to that gentleman not only for allowing him to see it, but for the kind permsission to print it here and for the particulars of his ancestor's life given on page 216.  Mr. Taylor informed the writer that from the 17th century to the present the eldest son of the family has always been named Samuel, he himself being the tenth in direct succession. 
* Since this paper was written, the original diary together with Samuel Taylor's Letters Patent have been presented by Mr. Taylor to the Manchester Public Libraries.

University of Manchester Library CLD/713

Petition by Samuel Rhodes, James Barton and Thomas Hallows, threadmakers, for themselves and other thread-makers in or near Manchester, against a patent granted to Samuel Taylor of Moston, yeoman, n.d. (18th cent.).

Memorials of Stand Chapel

pp77-78 Chapter V - Trustees of the Chapel
by Robert Travers Herford
Published 1893

pp77-78 Chapter V - Trustees of the Chapel
pp77-78 Chapter V - Trustees of the Chapel

Death of Joshua Taylor, 1765

The History and Antiquities of the City of York
By William Combe, Vol III, Published 1785

Journal of the Patent Office Society - Volume 19 - Page 263

Samuel Taylor was born in 1681, the son of Samuel Taylor of Moston and the grandson of Samuel Taylor of Marsleech and Moston, both prominent Presbyterians. He built a house in Moston Bottoms and certainly had more than one mill in his possession on the small water-courses in Moston.  One mill was used for the purpose of grinding logwood for dyeing.  One or more others were were certainly used for the linen-thread making.  He died in 1766 and was buried in Manchester Collegiate Churchyard, leaving a widow, nee Sarah Gill, and four sons and one daughter.  His grandson, Samuel the fifth, turned the threadmaking business into one for making cotton fabrics and thereby made a considerable fortune.  A grand-daughter Mary married William Marriott of Manchester, probably one of the family with whom he had been associated in the linen-thread making.

Familiae Minorum Gentium; v40

by Hunter, Joseph
Published 1894
Familiae Minorum Gentium on

1804 Annuity of Samuel Taylor.  Document Sold on Ebay

A  Grant of Annuity  dated 2 October 1804  relating to Samuel Taylor of Moston Lancs, formerly the inheritance of Samuel Taylor Esq., Grandfather of the said Samuel and afterwards of Samuel Taylor Esq., father of the said Samuel, and running to 6/7 pages.

Samuel Taylor, purchaser of Eccleston Hall in 1812

A Merseyside Town in the Industrial Revolution
St Helens 1750-1900
By T.C. Barker, Professor J R Harris, J.R. Harris

Genealogical notes compiled from The Diary of Richard Kay (1716-1751)

Family Tree of Rev. Samuel Taylor of Moston
Descendents of Rev. Samuel Taylor of Moston

Gillibrand Family of Stockport

Another avenue for additional research is the Gillibrand family of Stockport.  Correspondence with a member of the Kay Family Association suggested that "Mrs Gillibrand senior was first cousin to Elizabeth Taylor" (wife of Robert Kay of Balderstone, and  sister of Samuel Taylor of Moston).  There are a few of mentions of the Gillibrand family in the RK diary:-

  • p8 1737 - "Death of our Relation the Revd. Thomas Gillburnt who preached at F(T?)oxteth Park, but died at his Mother's House in Stockport".  
  • p27 1739 - "After dinner went thorough Chapple of Frith to Stockport, and lodge there.  We supp'd at Cousin Gillibrand's"
  • p33 1740 - "went to Stockport.... I drank Tea at Coz. Gillibrand's"
  • p68 1743 - "Coz. Ebenezer Gillibrand and his Brother in Law Mr. Saml. Bennison from Stockport"
Gillibrand of Stockport

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