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Wills of Zachariah & Samuel Taylor of Moston 1660s

Will of Samuel Taylor of Moston, 1664

Samuel Taylor of Moston, signature in 1664

In the name of God Amen,  I: Samuel Taylor of Moston in the parish of Manchester and Countie of Lancaster, yeoman being sick and weake in body but of good and perfect memorie praised by God, doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following.  First and principally I bequeath my soule into the handes of Allmightie god that have it mee and my body to decent buriall in the parish churchyeard of Manchester as neare the place of my Ancestorres[?] as may bee.  I ralle[?] my whole personall estate of [????] into my owne[?] disposssesing the reason[?] wherefore I do thus is my loving wife had an estate both personall and ?all Assigned her before marriage and because I have given all my Children but two[?] theire portions and that I had intended them first therefore I give and bequeath unto my eldest sonn Josuah Twentie pounds that hee should have paid after my Decease, next I give and bequeath to my wife the Cloughes Downe to the bottome of the lane adjoyneing to the turnepike gate, Also I give her two Cowes[?] if she keepe herselfe sole and unmarried the best[?] they ran[?] chuse[?] among all that I have.  I give to my Sonn Jacob Taylor all my goodes that I have in Marshleech [????] Cupboards, tables, formes and what [???] goodes I have there.  Item I give unto my Sonn Nathaniell Taylor Three[?roze?] and Tenn pounds.  Also I give Fiftie pounders to my Executors to bee Disposed of as shall name here after, That if my daughter Elizabeth Taylor keepe her unmarried and [?]and in neede they shall release and supply her then with and if shee doe marrie to their good likeing and have Children they shall do the same.  Item I give and bequeath fiftie shillings and thirty shillings to be Distributed to the poore of [????]on and twentie shillings the most thereof to be distributed to the poore of Blakeley, but some of it shall be bestowed in this [???] Newton as to widdow Smith, and it is my will that the bellman give notice that norx[?] shall rome till my body be interred my goodes praised and will proved if they doe these that rome shall loose theire partes, and then after all my funerally expenses are discharges, then it is my will that all the rest of my goods that are [???????] of I give to my Sonns Jacob,  Nathaniell and Samuell and my daughters Elizabeth and Abigaill to be equally devided amongst them, and I doe hereby make and ordaine my two sonns Jacob Taylor and Nathaniell Taylor my whole and lawful Executors of this my last will and testament to be fulfilled and according to my desire as it is herein sxerifyed[?].  In wittnes whereof I the said Samuell Taylor have hereunto put my hand and seale the nynteenth daie of August in the yeare of our lord god one thousand six hundred sixtie four in the sixteenth yeare of the reign of our Soveraign lord King Charles the [????] by the [several illegible words] defender of the faith.

Sealed, Signed and Delivered in the Presence of us
Zacharah Taylor
Alce[?] Hall
Lawrence Robothom

[Signed] Samuell Taylior

[Inventory attached, not transcribed.]

Witness signatures including Zachariah Taylor
Witness signatures including Zachariah Taylor

Will of Zachariah Taylor of Moston, 1662

In the name of God Amen, I, Zachariah Taylor of Moston in the parish of Manchester in the County of Lancaster, linnen webseterm being sick in body but of good and perfect memory praised by god for it, doe first of all comit my soule into the hands of Almighty god and my bodey to the Earth from where it came, doo [???], Institute, Ordayne and make my Last will and Testament in manner and forms as followeth.

  • First it is my Last will and Testament that my debts be payd and my funerall expenses discharged
  • I then give and bequeath unto Mary my wife if shee [????] [????] half of my goods and ground
  • It is my will and mind that my child inbeing if it [????] shall have the other halfe of my goods and ground
  • It is my Last will and Testament that if my wife and Child doe not live I then give their one halfe of my goods and ground unto my brother Nathaniell
  • and the other halfe of my goods and ground I give unto my Sisters Elizabeth and Abigaell
  • I [??????] that the Executors of this my Last will and Testament would take [????] of my father in  Law for his tempotent[?] montenante[?] as Longe as he shall live.
  • Lastly, I [????] that my brother Joshua Taylor and Jacob Taylor would be the Executors of this my Last will and Testament this 26th day of December in [????] [????] of the Reign of our Sovoraign Lord King Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland, [??????] and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, 1662

[????] Wittneses hearof doe put to out hands

  • Thomas Walker
  • Abigail Scoles
  • Ann Sudworth X her mark
  • Hanna Taylor X her mark
  • James Scoles

Other References to Taylor family and Marshleech

Minutes of the Bury Presbyterian Classis, 1647-1657, Part 1
Chetham society, 1896
"Nathaniel Taylor of Marsleach within Withington, in ye parish of Manchest, sworne and examined saith as to ye case of malignancy in Mr. Pollitt,"

The Palatine note-book, Volume 4, 1884
"No recusants are here returned. Marsleach is situated on the northern side of Chorlton proper"

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